Abba Career Transition Support

What our clients say about us

Can I personally thank Peter Russell for listening and focusing my thoughts on future employment?

John Davies, Royal Mail

The enthusiasm and encouragement supplied in great abundance were a great help, particularly when 'blacker moments' surfaced. I will always be grateful for this help.

Mick Waites, Royal Mail

Highly supportive, professional and effective. Peter made a major contribution to my job finding campaign and in keeping me positive.

Mark Jones, Zurich

It was a pleasure working with Peter. I found him extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

P. Mason

Very supportive and friendly. Took an interest in the total person and offered extremely valuable guidance.

Malcolm Follows, IBM

I have been really impressed with the set up and found the networking sessions excellent. The advice given was extremely useful and gave a very objective perspective.

Steve Bushen, HSBC

I cannot thank Peter enough. Without his support, encouragement and understanding, this would have been a horrible experience. He has made being made redundant a lot more comfortable than it probably is to others.

Scott Feltham, Zurich

All were incredibly helpful and supportive, particularly Peter who was incredibly supportive from day 1.

Jon Slingsby, HSBC

Peter Russell made a real difference to my state of mind after being made redundant - he boosted my confidence and gave me constructive advice on next steps. I decided I wanted to take a break from work for a few months but rather than push me he allowed me the time I needed to relax and consider my options. Only when I was ready did Peter start to work to get me on the right path - he seemed to know exactly what I needed and when I needed it.

Erika Styles, Zurich

Many thank to Peter and his team - at a stressful time they helped rebuild my confidence and believe I would be able to get another job - which I was. Also invaluable assistance in pulling together my CV and application.

Louise Pritchard, HSBC

Peter is a first class Consultant.

Karen Healey, Zurich

Super service - could not be more helpful, useful and supportive. Role play prior to interview particularly valuable to ultimate success.

John Williams, Royal Mail

It is perhaps over the top to say that I couldn't have done it without you, but it would certainly have been a far more painful and stressful process. Be it advice the insistence on networking - I very much appreciate everything you and the team did for me.

Graham Webster, Accenture

Thank you for taking the time out to guide me. I now feel I have a better idea what steps to take next.


Peter Russell leaves us from Fareham. Peter joined us in 1998 initially working as a consultant in the City before becoming Managing Consultant in our Fareham Office. Peter has a passion for counselling as reflected by the wonderful testimonies given by so many of his clients. They and DBM are sincerely grateful to Peter for his professionalism and his caring approach. Very best wishes to Peter in the future

DBM Management

I Have a job and I must say it is no small way thanks to you. The one-2-one session we had regarding the presentation and interviewing technique was a real eye-opener ... it was a defining moment in my job searching. The way in which, with only a job description to go on, you asked extremely relevant questions and our ensuing discussion on interview preparation changed my whole approach to interviews and presentations. I can only say that it must have changed them for the better as I ended up in the pleasant situation of having 2 job offers at the same time and being able to choose between them.

Andrew Beverley, New Look

Not only does he offer sound practical advice, he has the ability to motivate which I found very beneficial.

Helen Ricketts, Zurich

The most beneficial aspects of my DBM programme were: 1:1 review with Consultant (Peter) to review current career strategy and give advice on CV and interview techniques.

Julie Pardy, Bristol and West

The support offered was excellent. Key strength is the simplicity and realism of the information/advice provided which is most effective and motivating.

Andy Bell, Royal Mail

The most beneficial aspects of my DBM programme were: bringing my CV up to date in an attractive, stronger format. Support and guidance when preparing for interview

Ian Pearce

The most beneficial aspects of my DBM programme were: boosting my confidence, provision and good quality advice, information and networking.

Brian Stansbridge, Zurich

Peter Russell, helps to focus, advice always professional, friendly and helpful.

Ruth Taylor, EDF Energy

After 27 years with one company, the prospect of unemployment was daunting, however, Peter Russell provided a truly excellent service, positive supportive and very friendly. The whole experience was virtually worry free. In this day and age it is rare to find such outstanding customer service.

Colin Bridgman, HSBC

The most beneficial aspects of my DBM programme were: support from consultant, weekly review meetings.

Gordon Bett, BAT

Overall an excellent, professional service that I could not recommend highly enough. Invaluable. Thanks in particular to Peter who was so supportive, encouraging and a good listener.

Victoria Murgatroyd, Royal Mail